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  1. The module allows to display articles, custom or k2 items on a popup modal. Show full article in popup window and use navigation arrows to go to next article.

    General settings

    Modal pop up: Popup Center, Popup right, Popup left, No Popup
    Style: Dark Square, White Square, Dark slide up v1, Dark slide up v2, White slide up, Dark slide up v3, Round, Card Round, Card Square, Card Square v2
    Version: Standard or Slider
    Item Disatance
    Load Jquery


    Category filters - Yes/No
    Tag filters - Yes/No
    Show filter labels - Yes/No
    Count Items
    Image type - Intro Image, Fulltext Image, Inline Image
    Category Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
    Category - Select
    Child Category Articles - Include, Exclude
    Category Depth
    Show title - Yes/No
    Title word limit
    Strip HTML tags - Yes/No
    Allow plugins - Yes/No
    Show date - Yes/No
    Show category - Yes/No
    Show author - Yes/No
    Tag Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
    Tag - Select
    Include children tags - Include, Exclude
    Match Tags - Any, All
    Author Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
    Authors - Select
    Author Alias Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
    Author Aliases - Select
    Featured Articles - Show, Hide, Only
    Date Filtering - Off, Date range, Relative Date
    Date Range Field - Created, Modified, Starting Publishing date
    Start Date Range - Select
    To Date - Select
    Relative Date - Select
    Date Field
    Date Format - Your choice
    Article IDs to Exclude
    Article Field to Order By - Article Manager Order, Featured Articles Order, Hits, Title, ID<, Alias, Created Date, Modified Date, Start Publishing Date, Finish Publishing Date
    Ordering Direction - Descending, Ascending

    K2 Items

    Source - K2 categories / Custom K2 Items
    Category filter - All / Select
    K2 Categories - Select
    Fetch items from children categories
    Count Items
    Featured Items - Show / Hide / Show only Featured Items
    Time range (if ordering is set to 'most popular' or 'most commented')
    Items ordering
    Category filter - Yes/No
    Custom k2 Items
    Add Items
    Items settings
    Image Size - XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge
    Show title - Yes/No
    Show date - Yes/No
    Show category - Yes/No
    Show author - Yes/No

    Custom Items

    Created - author or date
    Info text
    Read more link

    Slider Settings

    Items - one to ten
    Items (Tab Landscape) - one to ten
    Items (Tab Portrait) - one to ten
    Items (Mob Landscape) - one to ten
    Items (Mob Portrait) - one to ten
    Sliding Time
    Sliding Speed
    Auto play (Yes/No)
    Loop (Yes/No)
    Show arrows (Yes/No)
    Arrows style (top/bottom/center)
    Item distance
    Show next previous items (Yes/No)

    Standard settings

    Items - one to ten
    Items (Tab Landscape) - one to ten
    Items (Tab Portrait) - one to ten
    Items (Mob Landscape) - one to ten
    Items (Mob Portrait) - one to ten
  2. IWS.BY Shoe size chart - the module allows you to add to the site a custom table of shoe sizes in the international format of different countries.

    Key features:
    - Basic data in the table: USA, UK, Europe and Russia.
    - It is possible to fill an additional size.
    - All labels can be changed.
    - The table is 100% wide and the styles are used by your template.
    - The module supports the cloning function, you can create several different tables.
    - The table is divided into ages: children, women and men. You can turn off division and make it a solid table.

  3. Categories list for Kunena.

    Show Kunena categories on your site.

    After installed, Place the module in any position.

    The template is overridable.

  4. Mx contact responsive module allows to add a custom contact form in any pages you want in your website. The extension comes with two styles: default and the popup which will show the contact form in modal mode.


    Title Text ( for popup )
    Style ( Default / Popup )
    Text Color
    Background Color
    Css Style Fix - Yes/No
    Admin Email
    Notice Sendmail Success - Text
    Notice Sendmail Failed - Text
    Enable Captcha - Yes/No
    Captcha Question - Text
    Captcha Answer - Text
    Captcha warning text - Text
  5. Ruxin QR Code enables you to dynamically add QR codes to your website
    - Ability to set qr code size
    - Ability to display custom links or current page link
    - Ability to show logo or label in center of qr code
    - Ability to set fill color and background color
    - Ability to put footer label